Welcome to Our Practice

Above all, our mission is to help people maintain or recover the health of their eyes. Vision is our most important sense - without our eyes to help us interact with the world around us, we miss some of the richness of life. Fulfilling this mission is what we’ve trained to do in becoming physicians at some of the world's finest medical institutions and through years of practice, teaching and research.

 We pledge to do our best work for you, to meet the highest standards of professional ethics and to demonstrate our caring through every interaction we have. You will leave our office with a better understanding of your eye condition and how you can protect yourself from vision loss.

East Bay Eye Specialists is distinguished by the integration of medical, surgical, and optical services, by our friendly, supportive staff, our open, light-filled office environment, and especially by the talent of our doctors. At our convenient Oakland office, we believe we provide better eye care and unmatched levels of service as shown by shorter waiting times and outstanding surgical results.

Dr James Langham Dr Richard Lee Dr Melanie Hom Dr Erich Horn

Dr James Langham, Dr Richard Lee, Dr Melanie Hom, Dr Erich Horn